API DocumentationΒΆ

The platform provides the following APIs:

Transactions API - provides read-only access to call transaction data.

Network Integration - supports the replication and synchronization of advertiser, publisher and campaign data between partner platforms.

conversion_reporting - provides the ability to report completed order information (or other conversion events) from a server back into the platform.

Ringpool - allocates a dynamic, trackable promo phone number from a RingPool.

Bulk Ringpool API - allocates a dynamic, trackable promo phone number from a RingPool (designed to handle a high volume of requests per second).

Signal API - used to report signals that occur on a specific call (transaction).

The Transactions API and Network Integration API are accessible using the API credentials generated on the platform. See Manage API Credentials for more information.

The Conversion Reporting API is accessible using credentials provided by Invoca. Contact questions@invoca.com to request Conversion Reporting API credentials.

The RingPool and Bulk RingPool APIs are accessible using the API keys provided in the RingPool wizard. (Note: the Bulk RingPool API is only available after being enabled by Customer Success. Contact questions@invoca.com to request the Bulk RingPool API.)

The RingPool wizard includes a section showing the correct API URL for your organization: