Prompt Voice

For full details on creating and updating campaigns via the API, see Advertiser Campaigns.

Manage Prompt Voice for Campaigns

A prompt voice can be set on a campaign’s IVR to configure the accent used for the campaign’s prompts.

Set Prompt Voice

To use a particular prompt voice for your campaign, set "tts_voice_talent_id" on the IVR. See the tables in the Conditions section below to determine which prompt voice to use. (Make sure to reference only the table that corresponds to the language of your campaign.)


Example Request Body

  "ivr_tree": {
    "tts_voice_talent_id": 3,
    "root": {
      "node_type": "Connect",
      "prompt_text": "Please hold while we connect your call",
      "destination_phone_number": "8056173768",
      "destination_country_code": ""


English voice options

Id Voice Name Gender Language code (Country)
3 (Default) Julie Female en-US (United States)
7 Bridget Female en-UK (United Kingdom)
8 Nicole Female en-AU (Australia)
9 Russell Male en-AU (Australia)
10 Amy Female en-UK (United Kingdom)
11 Emma Female en-UK (United Kingdom)
12 Brian Male en-UK (United Kingdom)
13 Aditi Female en-IN (India)
14 Raveena Female en-IN (India)
15 Joanna Female en-US (United States)
16 Kendra Female en-US (United States)
17 Kimberly Female en-US (United States)
18 Salli Female en-US (United States)
19 Joey Male en-US (United States)
20 Matthew Male en-US (United States)
21 Geraint Male en-UK (United Kingdom)

French voice options

Id Voice Name Gender Language code (Country)
22 Celine Female fr-FR (France)
23 Lea Female fr-FR (France)
24 Mathieu Male fr-FR (France)
25 Chantal Female fr-CA (Canada)

Spanish voice options

Id Voice Name Gender Language code (Country)
26 Conchita Female es-ES (Spain)
27 Lucia Female es-ES (Spain)
28 Enrique Male es-ES (Spain)
29 Mia Female es-MX (Mexico)
30 Lupe Female es-US (United States)
31 Penelope Female es-US (United States)
32 Miguel Male es-US (United States)